Player Props to Play for Game 6 of the NBA Finals: Warriors vs. Celtics


Some of our best bet player props. We're going Stephen Curry, Jordan Poole and Jayson Tatum, all of their point props. Looking to start off with Steph he is set at 28.5 points. He's hit that all but one game and last game was the outlier. He didn't even hit a three and only notched 16 points. I'm betting the over 28.5 points for Steph Curry.

Last game it was set at 31.5 and I said that's was way too high. That was being inflated from his 43 point game performance and now I think it's being pulled down by a bad Game 5 performance. So cash in here, over Steph points 28.5. He's gone over that four of the five NBA Finals games. And throughout the entire playoffs he goes over that mark 57% of the time. I love the value here!

Jordan Poole. His point total is set at 11.5 points. I like the over again. He's gone over that total three of the five NBA Finals games and he averages about 10 shots per Finals game. So the volume is there. He's found his footing in this offense. The games were a little bit too big for him to start but now after a strong Game 6. He will show up again in Game 6, and go over 11.5 points.

Jayson Tatum points under 27.5. It's set at +111 at DRF Sportsbook. He's only gone over 27.5 points once this series and you're telling me I can get plus money on him NOT going over 27.5 points again? He hasn't shown up all finals and the Celtics have proven they can win without him putting up a lot of points. He scored just 12 in Game 1 and they won because he was a fantastic playmaker, racking up the assists keeping his turnover levels low. Jayson Tatum doesn't need to score for the Celtics to win, Jayson Tatum just can't turn the ball over at such a high clip. So Jason Tatum under 27.5 I think it is some fantastic value and at +111.

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Player Props to Play for Game 6 of the NBA Finals: Warriors vs. Celtics
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